Ha-sung Kim hits his 10th home run

Ha-seong Kim (27, San Diego Padres) completed '10 (home run)-10 (stolen base)'.

Kim Ha-seong started as the 7th shortstop in the home game against the St. 스포츠중계솔루션 Louis Cardinals in the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) St. Louis Cardinals held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 21st (Korean time) and crossed the left fence after two runs in the bottom of the 4th inning leading 2-0. He hit his 10th home run of the season. He hit a 73.5 mph (118 km) curve in St. Louis starter Adam Wayne Reint's sixth pitch. This is the first taste I tasted in four days after the Arizona Diamondbacks match on the 17th. His first double-digit home run since his MLB debut in 2021. It is the 7th record for a Korean big league hitter.
Kim Ha-seong's season batting average was 0.249, with two hits and one run and one run in four at-bats. San Diego won 5-0.
Meanwhile, Aaron Judge (30, New York Yankees) hit his 60th home run of the season in a home game against here the Pittsburgh Pirates on that day. After hitting the 60-home run mark for the first time in 21 years following Barry Bonds in 2001, Bonds (73), Mark Maguire (70), Sammy Sosa (66), Roger Maris (61), Babe Ruth (60) Together, he became the player to hit 60 or more home runs in a single season in the Major Leagues. In the case of Bonds, Maguire, and Sosa, the meaning of 60 home runs has faded a lot when it was revealed that they were taking banned substances. 스포츠중계솔루션 In a situation where the home run record of Maris or Ruth is more recognized, it is interesting to see whether Jersey will surpass Maris to record the most home runs by a Yankees player.


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